Why augmented reality?

I first heard about augmented reality (AR) in 2009 and there wasn’t much out there (online) about this subject. I could hardly find a proper definition, even though this term is not that new, and everybody I was talking to about AR was replying with a ‘Huh? What’s that?’.

Fast-forwarding to 2012 and every technology blog, magazine or website has at least a few posts announcing new AR developments or new industries that have found different ways of using AR for their benefits. But none of them (or a very scarce bunch) are trying to see beyond the ‘novelty’ of augmented reality and point out the actual benefits this can bring to our lives

Why Augmented Tomorrow?

Because we are living in a world where most of our decisions are based on what we think will happen in our nearest future.

Every new technology has the potential of changing our lives, creating a new tomorrow, an augmented tomorrow, in which our natural reality is becoming interlinked with a technological reality.

Knowing and understanding the potential positive or negative effects of these technologies can help us make better choices today for a brighter tomorrow. As Albert Einstein was saying:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Who is behind Augmented Tomorrow?

A young enthusiastic guy passionate about everything digital and especially augmented reality, who is looking for and commenting on the latest technologies that have the potential of defining our future… Enough about me in the third person, let’s get personal…

This is my first blog I have started and updated with more than a few posts and with its own domain. As this is a spare time project I admit that I’m not updating it as much as I would like to but I promise to work on this. If you like it, if you hate it or if you feel anything when you read my articles please share, comment or contact me with your ideas, swearing, criticism or encouragement. I don’t mind any of them.