The augmented reality app that got it right

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Zombies From Hell Augmented Reality AppGetting an augmented reality app to promote your brand is very common these days especially when your target market is the young and technology savvy peeps. But how do you manage to go beyond the diluted and over-used WOW factor which very few AR apps still manage to achieve nowadays?

A New Zealand pizza chain seems to have found the answer with their newly launched Zombies from Hell augmented reality application. Apparently this is only a simple zombie survival game set in a city that comes to life through the help of augmented reality by pointing a mobile device’s camera to the Hell Pizza box. Players use various weapons to shoot zombies, earn bonuses, compete against their friends and get rewarded with real-world prizes, from free Cokes to free double pizza vouchers. Despite its apparent simplicity the game already seems to be a hit among the Pizza Hell fans and the online AR world. This is mostly down to the way they have managed to master three key success factors which, although quite obvious, are very often missed out even by big companies.

1. Know your target audience

Teenagers Playing GamesA quick look on the Hell Pizza website is enough to understand who is buying their products: young food enthusiasts who enjoy trying new things and define themselves through the buying choices they make. They grew up with technology, console games and mobile phones and they are always up to date with the latest technology. What better way to get their attention than through one of the most popular phenomenon in recent years: a zombie-inspired game.

2. Go viral

If a pizza, an augmented reality app or a zombie shooter game are no longer capable of getting noticed on their own in the cluttered advertising space, combine them together and you get something special. Add some real-world rewards and you already have the interest of your customers and the media alike. Nowadays, free positive publicity is one of the most powerful and many times difficult to control tools of an AR developer as it automatically ensures a stamp of approval from the community and it builds a lot of trust around their brand.

3. Make them come back

Please Come Back SignAfter all this effort of planning and building an AR app that nicely promotes your products and gets noticed by everybody how do you make sure it is much more than just a gimmick?! Zombies from Hell has been created first of all as a full-fledged mobile game with a range of weapons and levels to choose from, many of them having to be unlocked through playing. The learderboard makes sure that the player’s shooting skills will always be remarked by others and its competitive nature will give them bragging rights in front of their friends.

Where the augmented reality app truly excels is in the merger between the augmented reality action and the real-life rewards. Very few apps do it and even fewer do it properly. With Zombies from Hell, getting some free chicken tenders or some free wedges to accompany your next order pizza is as easy as finishing a game level. This gives not only an instant gratification to the player but also boosts their self-achievement, making sure they will return and try to win their next free pizza.

Although the AR app is not perfect, with many users complaining about not being able to order pizza directly through the app and being also limited only to a few high-end Android devices and iPhones, it is certainly one of the good uses of augmented reality in the mobile space in a long time.

Do you have any examples of augmented reality apps that you think are worth mentioning in the “good AR apps” category? If so, please leave a comment below with any explanations you believe are necessary.

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