Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses from Microsoft

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Microsotf Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses Patent 250pxAfter the initial patent application for a visual image display for both glasses and helmets which was thought to include augmented reality features, Microsoft steps into the spotlight again with another AR patent. And this time it is all about gaming.

The US patent reveals that the AR glasses are using voice recognition software that understands voice commands from players, such as an invitation to participate to a multiplayer game. The gaming system will use eye-tracking information, depth information and even facial recognition.

The images released with the patent show several sensors on the front and the side of the glasses, which supposedly will gather all the information needed for an immersive and seamless multiplayer gaming experience.

With no comments from Microsoft, we can only assume that these AR glasses will most likely be used in conjunction with the newly announced Xbox720, however there is no clear timeline regarding when they will become available.

Looking closer at the patent, there is strong evidence that Microsoft is not currently looking to become a competitor to Google Glasses, at least not for now. Focusing their attention on the multi-player gaming market where Xbox is already a leader gives the tech giant a better chance to succeed.

With several other virtual reality and augmented reality glasses being released, updated and marketed every day, which company do you think will break the ice in selling over 1 million of these devices first?

Do you think Google is already leading this market even before an official launch of their Google Glasses or do you think that more focused devices like the Microsoft Augmented Reality Gaming glasses have a greater opportunity to become popular?

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