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Mobile AR browsers and what stops them from taking over the world

Half a billion smartphones shipped worldwide in 2011 and a growth of more than 50% year on year (Canalys) means not only a rapid adoption of the new technology but also a great opportunity for augmented reality apps to tap into the most important characteristic of modern people – mobility.

Carrying a mobile phone wherever you go is no longer a commodity but a necessity for communication purposes and especially for access to information and entertainment. And what if you could get all of these based on your location, your interests and your sensorial perceptions (a.k.a. your reality)? Then you get a mobile augmented browser.


What is Augmented Reality?

What would you say if tomorrow, when you wake up and look through your window, you will see that your next door neighbour has just tweeted about his new dog and that your car parked outside needs some new tyres? You could get all this