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Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Vitamin B2 to Boost 3D Printing

It may sound like a crazy idea but how can a vitamin which plays a key role in energy metabolism help a technological process like 3D printing? Apparently it can, particularly when it comes to 3D printing artificial tissues and medical implants. Riboflavin also known

Motorola Windy Day

Windy Day from Motorola to take the AR app market by storm?!

After reaching more than 1 million downloads despite being a closed beta version, Ingress will no longer be the only augmented reality game developed by a Google-owned company.  Motorola has recently released a teaser video of a new augmented reality application called “Windy Day” which

Pioneer Augmented Reality Sat Nav

Augmented Reality Sat Nav Launched by Pioneer

Until now, augmented reality has been entering our cities, streets, shops and even our houses and now it is ready to make another step into becoming an integrated part of our lives. An augmented reality sat nav is about to take the car satellite navigation

Nike 3D Printed Shoes

3D Printing 2.0 Coming Next Year

In 2009 the 3D printing technology started gathering many followers and early adopters overnight and it led to the creation of Makerbot and to an explosion of open-source 3D printers. A similar event that triggered this 4 years ago is about to repeat itself in

AR Liver Surgery

First Augmented Reality Surgery

Since the dawn of augmented reality, medicine was always promoted as a one of the big beneficiaries of future AR applications, many publications writing about how AR could be a major milestone in the evolution of modern medicine, especially augmented reality surgery. Everything was mostly

Microsotf Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses Patent 250px

Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses from Microsoft

After the initial patent application for a visual image display for both glasses and helmets which was thought to include augmented reality features, Microsoft steps into the spotlight again with another AR patent. And this time it is all about gaming. The US patent reveals

Mario & Luigi

Super Mario Bros and Augmented Reality

Named the Greatest Game of All Time by the International Gaming Network (IGN) in 2005, Super Mario Bros is the game many of us grew up with. But how would it be if this classic and, in many ways, traditional game, crossed over from its

Elements 4D

Elements 4D – Introducing Augmented Reality to the Masses?

Many companies have tried to bring augmented reality into the mainstream through different applications and games; however none of them have fully succeeded. That’s what DAQRI is hoping to do with Elements 4D – their latest project that is looking for funding and inspiration on

AR Glasses in Classrom

Augmented Reality Glasses Helping Students

How many of you remember the school moments when the teacher’s explanations were like hieroglyphs for you, but you were too embarrassed to raise your hand and say “I don’t understand”, afraid of the embarrassment and sometimes even mockery you could face from your colleagues?

IBM Augmented Reality App

Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant Launched

Half a year ago, IBM was announcing a new type of augmented reality application that was designed to help people in their regular shopping trips and become the ‘best friend’ of every shopper. Now, this AR app has been finally launched at CeBIT in Hanover