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Wonderbook In Action

E3: Augmented Reality Harry Potter Book by Playstation

Harry Potter fans out there: this one is for you! During the recent E3 Expo, Sony has revealed a new type of entertainment for their Playstation consoles based on augmented reality. And what better way to portray this than by partnering with the multi-billion franchise of the young wizard boy saga.

Leap Motion

LEAP Motion: The Next Step in Motion-Control Technology

After iPhone’s first multi-touch screen and after Kinect’s breakthrough in gesture-tracking controls there’s another player in town which promises to bring its predecessors to their knees: Leap Motion. Unheard until a few days ago, this start-up from San Francisco wants to bring the two above

Augmented Reality Summit 2012

AR Summit 2012 – The Only Augmented Reality Summit in the UK

With the advent of augmented reality technologies in recent years and with rumours regarding new AR developments from big tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and Google there is no surprise that AR Summit made it to the second edition. Industry advocates, leading technology providers and companies looking to explore the future of AR are now all brought together under one roof for the only augmented reality summit in the UK.

Lose weight with AR Diet Goggles

How Augmented Reality Glasses Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss, shape building diets, supplements and exercise programmes have become some of the most discussed subjects within the last 20 years and their popularity is only expected to grow.  And now it is augmented reality’s turn to enter this lucrative market with what could

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Applies for Augmented Reality 3D Audio Patent

Another month, another augmented reality-related patent. And this time it is Microsoft’s turn again. If an augmented reality HUD is already a thing of the past (in terms of patent applications), the tech giant refocused their energy on what every AR experience should also have: a high quality 3D surround sound system.

Google Project Glass

Google Augmented Reality Glasses Revealed: Project Glass

The secret Google X Labs research on augmented reality glasses has finally been made public under the name Project Glass. Posted on Google+, the short introduction to the project is followed by photos and a concept video. The minimalistic design is slightly different from the

Angry Birds

Augmented Reality Angry Birds For Nokia Lumia Launch

Everybody has at least heard of Angry Birds or even played it for hours on their mobile phone, tablet and even computer. After creating a popular global brand from their round colourful birds, Rovio has started lending some of their ‘magic dust’ to other brands who are struggling to regain their old glory in face of increasing competition.


Another Major Entrance to the Augmented Reality Headset Market?

Augmented reality head-up displays are becoming more popular each day even if the market for them is still mostly non-existent. Starting with the likes of Apple, Sony and most recently Google, who are rumoured that they are preparing to launch a video headset (with or without augmented reality support), another major company wants to enter the game. Any idea who might be missing from the Fantastic Tech Four team?