E3: Augmented Reality Harry Potter Book by Playstation

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Wonderbook In ActionHarry Potter fans out there: this one is for you! During the recent E3 Expo, Sony has revealed a new type of entertainment for their Playstation consoles based on augmented reality. And what better way to portray this than by partnering with the multi-billion franchise of the young wizard boy saga.

Wonderbook is an interactive device linked to the PS3 consoles, which uses the PS Eye (a Kinect-eresque motion tracking camera) to identify AR cue symbols from a 12 thick card pages book. Each of these pages triggers an interactive and rich Harry Potter-like digital word in which the player uses their PS Move wand to cast spells, attend classes at Hogwarts and much more.

AR Wonderbook
Wonderbook AR Cues

The highly graphical on-screen experience will surely raise a lot of interest from the massive Potter fanbase, even though it may prove nothing more than a simple gimmick for the technology savvy and AR enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, this is a small but important step to a more immersive entertainment and even educational experience which looks to become a trending direction in the gaming industry with the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft looking at different ways of integrating augmented reality in their new gaming devices.

Is Wonderbook something you would buy for your children? What other less gimmicky uses of this technology are likely to appear in the near future? Please leave your comments in the box below.

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