Google Glasses Early Version Ready for Sale

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Glass SessionsGoogle has finally unveiled a working early version of their Google Glass project at the Google I/O Keynote from last week. Using a live sky-diving demonstration streamed live on Google’s Hangout service through the glasses’ built-in camera, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin showcased some of Google Glasses’ video capabilities.

Although there wasn’t any augmented reality demonstration using the glasses, the AR capabilities will surely be presented during another Google event once they are fully ready for a public demonstration. Even though this might happen soon, augmented reality enthusiasts will still need to further wait for the Google Glasses’ public release.  According to Brin, this will not happen sooner than 2014, even though previous rumours were setting a possible commercial release date by the end of 2013 or even in 2012.

However, if you are one of lucky developers selected by Google, you could be getting your hands on an early model of Google Glasses as early as this week for $1,500. Brin told reporters than the final version will cost significantly less once the product is released to the mass market.

The dramatic demonstration testing the limits of Google’s new product is just the start of an education campaign called Glass Sessions which aims to show people what it’s like to use Google Glasses in real life. The first Glass Session follows the wife of one of Google’s employees as she shares the story of their new baby with her entire family back in France through a Google Hangout.

With an increasing number of eyes focused on Google’s augmented reality project, the pressure to deliver an excellent AR product is building up and Google has to work hard to provide all the great features presented at the beginning of the year in the final release of the product. Getting feedback from the developer’s community is the first step in the right direction and consumer testing might soon follow.

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