Homemade Augmented Reality Head-Up Display – Google Glasses Watch Out!

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Homemade Augmented Reality HUDWith Google’s head-up display (HUD) to be launched somewhere around the end of 2012, why should we wait until then to get our hands on a pair of augmented reality glasses?! The same thing went through the mind of Matt Kwan when he created this DIY version of an augmented reality HUD.

Disappointed by a lack of full field-of-view display from the existing AR devices which limits “their ability to provide fully immersive graphics or even to play movies”, Matt decided to create his own version using readily-available components.

Putting together a baseball cap, an HTC Desire Z, a couple of Fresnel lenses (as the ones used by lighthouses to capture more light and to be visible from greater distances), a plastic mirror and some other office supplies he created a working augmented reality head-up display. The Fresnel lenses allows the user to see all digital images as being at 50 cm in front of them, with almost no eye strain (at least in theory).

Flicker Layer From Wikitude Mobile App Seen Through Matt's AR HUD
Wikitude AR Mobile App Seen Through Matt’s augmented reality HUD

Despite not being able to provide a clear image most of the times as the author admits, it works pretty well for a homemade gadget. It was never designed to be a fully functional augmented reality HUD but it is enough to prove that using widely available normal day items anybody can start creating their own AR ‘Google Glasses’ prototype.

This made us even more curious about how Google’s AR glasses will look like and function when they will finally be launched. Come on Google, give us at least a glimpse on your X Labs’ latest creations!

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