How will the 4G launch make our web experience better?

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Ipad in the parkThere has been much discussion recently about the launch of the UK’s first 4G network and how competing firms are lining up for a slice of the action. But how will the new mobile web technology affect us all on a day-to-day basis?

Better for business

Whether you own a company or just work for one, the roll out of improved 4G mobile broadband services is likely to look attractive. For employers, it’s a great way to give staff no excuse to ever be ‘away from the office’ even if they’re on the way to a client meeting. For employees, it could well save embarrassment if they are heading to that aforementioned meeting and need fast, reliable access to documents saved in the cloud.

Better for innovation

EE, which is the first 4G provider in Britain having launched its service in October, recently published research that looked at how businesses in the US had benefited from it. The study noted that 76 per cent of respondents agreed that innovation had been allowed to prosper, while many other firms said that productivity had seen increases and cost-efficiency drives had been more successful. The full report can be read here and makes for interesting reading for businesses as yet undecided about 4G.

Better for killing time

Its miserable being stuck somewhere with a smartphone that can’t connect or gets poor service when it does. However, with 4G comes faster streaming speeds for video content, music and gaming, which will be a major selling point for many consumers across Britain. With apps like Netflix, Spotify, iPlayer, Sky Go and Xbox LIVE now used by millions, this will be a big part of how 4G is ultimately used and with even more 4G smartphones to choose from the number of applications are only likely to grow.

Better for reliability

While speed is certainly one factor in why many people will want to upgrade, for others it might be the reliability of 4G that is most appealing. A reliable web connection outdoors is great, but what if you could combine it with your fixed line? EE is offering super-fast broadband and mobile packages in addition to what it can provide in terms of smartphone services, so this could be a great way for businesses and consumers to make sure they are more connected than ever before.

It has been a positive end to 2012 in terms of technology, with a host of new devices vying for our attention and better web options to serve them. What will be interesting to see now is how the digital market responds in 2013 with greater competition and more gadgets.

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