Augmented Reality Sat Nav Launched by Pioneer

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Pioneer Augmented Reality Sat NavUntil now, augmented reality has been entering our cities, streets, shops and even our houses and now it is ready to make another step into becoming an integrated part of our lives. An augmented reality sat nav is about to take the car satellite navigation systems by storm, according to its developer, Pioneer.

Known mostly for their digital entertainment products, the Japanese company has recently announced their next generation of sat navs, with an AR head-up display (HUD). Despite the characteristics of many other consumer HUDs which have to be worn either in glasses or in a helmet, this attaches comfortably to the sun visor and delivers a projection 3 metres in front of the driver giving the impression of a 30 inch display.

According to Pioneer, this projection does not interfere in any way with what the driver normally sees through the windscreen and it displays location information as a natural part of the landscape. The new augmented reality sat nav is compatible with various smartphones and even sat nav applications, being able to display navigation instructions, points of interest and live traffic information.

Unfortunately, beyond the projection which does not necessarily need any AR technology to work (unless the position of the digital information is determined by the objects present in the field of view), the only other AR-enabled feature is the red light camera warning. This gives a visual and audio warning to the driver when they approach the red light with a speed higher than the one necessary to stop the car safely.

Pioneer has not released any video or any other test results of this new system in order to prove all the features of the new augmented reality sat nav but we can test it for ourselves in about a month when it will be officially released on the market.

Would you be interested in installing this technology in your car? How much do you think the AR sat nav will improve the way we drive in the future? Please leave your comments below.

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