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Ingress Google AR Game

Ingress – The Google Augmented Reality Experiment

A mysterious, intriguing and competitive alternate reality game has created a lot of buzz in its first week after launch with technology blogs and news sites calling it the “the wackiest thing you can imagine” (All Things Digital) or the “augmented reality’s first killer app”

London 2012 Olympics

Top 5 London 2012 Olympics Mobile AR Apps

More than 3 billion viewers are expected to watch London 2012 Olympics during over two weeks of sport events and competitions. With billions of pounds poured into the biggest event on the planet there is no surprise that brands choose to integrate augmented reality in

Philips TV Buying Guide

Augmented Reality Goes ‘Shopping’

With IBM’s much promoted shopping app and the new augmented reality shopping trend becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world through various types of virtual dressing rooms, why not take this a step… sideways? 3D visualisation, augmented reality and a mobile device’s camera can create

IBM Shopping App

IBM Augmented Reality Shopping App Announced

With 92% of retail sales still taking place in the bricks and mortar shops (according to Forrester Research) and with over 1 billion smartphones predicted to be sold in 2014 (Gartner) there is no surprise that IBM decided to take advantage of this market opportunity.

Glass Sessions

Google Glasses Early Version Ready for Sale

Google has finally unveiled a working early version of their Google Glass project at the Google I/O Keynote from last week. Using a live sky-diving demonstration streamed live on Google’s Hangout service through the glasses’ built-in camera, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin showcased some of Google

Vuzix Smart Glasses

UK Augmented Reality Awards 2012

The second edition of the AR Summit has been not only a networking event for AR providers and companies interested in augmented reality, but also an awards celebration for those “excelling within their field”. Big names such as ARM, Layar or Qualcomm have been present

Wonderbook In Action

E3: Augmented Reality Harry Potter Book by Playstation

Harry Potter fans out there: this one is for you! During the recent E3 Expo, Sony has revealed a new type of entertainment for their Playstation consoles based on augmented reality. And what better way to portray this than by partnering with the multi-billion franchise of the young wizard boy saga.