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Microsotf Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses Patent 250px

Augmented Reality Gaming Glasses from Microsoft

After the initial patent application for a visual image display for both glasses and helmets which was thought to include augmented reality features, Microsoft steps into the spotlight again with another AR patent. And this time it is all about gaming. The US patent reveals

AR Glasses in Classrom

Augmented Reality Glasses Helping Students

How many of you remember the school moments when the teacher’s explanations were like hieroglyphs for you, but you were too embarrassed to raise your hand and say “I don’t understand”, afraid of the embarrassment and sometimes even mockery you could face from your colleagues?

Glass Sessions

Google Glasses Early Version Ready for Sale

Google has finally unveiled a working early version of their Google Glass project at the Google I/O Keynote from last week. Using a live sky-diving demonstration streamed live on Google’s Hangout service through the glasses’ built-in camera, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin showcased some of Google

Lose weight with AR Diet Goggles

How Augmented Reality Glasses Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss, shape building diets, supplements and exercise programmes have become some of the most discussed subjects within the last 20 years and their popularity is only expected to grow.  And now it is augmented reality’s turn to enter this lucrative market with what could

Google Project Glass

Google Augmented Reality Glasses Revealed: Project Glass

The secret Google X Labs research on augmented reality glasses has finally been made public under the name Project Glass. Posted on Google+, the short introduction to the project is followed by photos and a concept video. The minimalistic design is slightly different from the

Google Glasses

What You Need to Know About Google Augmented Reality Glasses

The rumours regarding the possible launch of Google’s far awaited augmented reality head-up display (HUD) glasses by the end of 2012 have taken tech blogs by storm in the last few days. Leaked by undisclosed Google employees, the so-called Google Goggles (the name of Google’s popular image search mobile app) are to be released to the public as an experiment somewhat like the Chromebooks in 2011 and priced similar to a smartphone. So what should we expect from this new gadget?