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Finger Face

EyeRing: “Seeing” with your finger becomes reality

The ubiquitous use of a simple gesture such as finger pointing is taken a step forward by the latest technological development of an MIT research team. Learning more about the surrounding world by only lifting a finger can be the next breakthrough in the digital-human

Leap Motion

LEAP Motion: The Next Step in Motion-Control Technology

After iPhone’s first multi-touch screen and after Kinect’s breakthrough in gesture-tracking controls there’s another player in town which promises to bring its predecessors to their knees: Leap Motion. Unheard until a few days ago, this start-up from San Francisco wants to bring the two above

Google Glasses

What You Need to Know About Google Augmented Reality Glasses

The rumours regarding the possible launch of Google’s far awaited augmented reality head-up display (HUD) glasses by the end of 2012 have taken tech blogs by storm in the last few days. Leaked by undisclosed Google employees, the so-called Google Goggles (the name of Google’s popular image search mobile app) are to be released to the public as an experiment somewhat like the Chromebooks in 2011 and priced similar to a smartphone. So what should we expect from this new gadget?