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Glass Sessions

Google Glasses Early Version Ready for Sale

Google has finally unveiled a working early version of their Google Glass project at the Google I/O Keynote from last week. Using a live sky-diving demonstration streamed live on Google’s Hangout service through the glasses’ built-in camera, Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin showcased some of Google

Makerbot Replicator

9 Benefits of 3D Printing

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing) has already been adopted by many big names to replace their current prototyping methods and even to be used as part of the manufacturing process. With an increasing popularity that is already spreading into the consumer market, additive

Nano-3D Printed F1 Car

How 3D Printing Will Affect Our Lives

Imagine a future where every object in your house is fully customised to your tastes and needs; where every form, colour and even size are only limited by your imagination. In this world you create what you want, how and when you want it. And this idealistic future could soon become reality through 3D Printing.

Leap Motion

LEAP Motion: The Next Step in Motion-Control Technology

After iPhone’s first multi-touch screen and after Kinect’s breakthrough in gesture-tracking controls there’s another player in town which promises to bring its predecessors to their knees: Leap Motion. Unheard until a few days ago, this start-up from San Francisco wants to bring the two above


Another Major Entrance to the Augmented Reality Headset Market?

Augmented reality head-up displays are becoming more popular each day even if the market for them is still mostly non-existent. Starting with the likes of Apple, Sony and most recently Google, who are rumoured that they are preparing to launch a video headset (with or without augmented reality support), another major company wants to enter the game. Any idea who might be missing from the Fantastic Tech Four team?


Augmented Reality Transformed in Surrealistic Experience

Getting immersed in your own world without losing contact with reality is the ideal of any augmented reality enthusiast and AR developer. But how far are we from achieving this with only a handful of AR applications that are struggling to meet consumers’ high expectations and which are more focused on corporate objectives than on the final user experience? Surprisingly, the technology is already here.

Google Glasses

What You Need to Know About Google Augmented Reality Glasses

The rumours regarding the possible launch of Google’s far awaited augmented reality head-up display (HUD) glasses by the end of 2012 have taken tech blogs by storm in the last few days. Leaked by undisclosed Google employees, the so-called Google Goggles (the name of Google’s popular image search mobile app) are to be released to the public as an experiment somewhat like the Chromebooks in 2011 and priced similar to a smartphone. So what should we expect from this new gadget?

One of the most awaited AR technologies

Augmented Reality’s Dark Ages and The New Dawn

In the last few days we’ve stumbled into a series of blog posts and articles questioning where the far awaited killer AR apps are and whether augmented reality has entered its own Dark Ages. The AR technology path to ‘enlightenment’ seems to have reached a standstill where people’s expectations can no longer be fulfilled.


What is Augmented Reality?

What would you say if tomorrow, when you wake up and look through your window, you will see that your next door neighbour has just tweeted about his new dog and that your car parked outside needs some new tyres? You could get all this