UK Augmented Reality Awards 2012

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UK AR Awards 2012The second edition of the AR Summit has been not only a networking event for AR providers and companies interested in augmented reality, but also an awards celebration for those “excelling within their field”. Big names such as ARM, Layar or Qualcomm have been present at the main exhibition to showcase their latest AR developments.

The first of its kind for the UK market, the augmented reality awards have mainly focused on the very popular marketing applications of augmented reality such as Blippar or the App Shaker AR project for National Geographic. One of the few non-marketing based AR developments was Vuzix with their new video eyewear. The company has won the AR Technology Provider of the Year prize for their SMART Glasses Technology launched in January 2012. It remains to be seen if this will be a serious competitor to the much-awaited Google Glass project.

Here is the full list of awards from the 2012 Augmented Reality Summit:

AR Developer 2012 – Apache Solutions Ltd

One of the UK partners of Total Immersion, the agency’s work includes the Magic Mirror (an augmented reality dressing room) and a customisable 3D content visualisation and interaction platform called ImpactAR.

AR Technology Provider 2012 – Vuzix

Vuzix Smart GlassesOne of the first companies in the world to develop consumer video eyewear. Leveraging their success in this industry, they have recently entered the augmented reality market hoping to gain a first-mover advantage with their SMART Glasses Technology.

AR Browser 2012 – Blippar

The AR browser launched solely for marketing purposes managed to get some big clients aboard such as Unilever, Samsung or Cadbury in its one year of life. With global expansion plans for 2012, Blippar has to continue to innovate in order to maintain its momentum.

Most Innovative Uses of AR 2012 – Keytree – CEO Vision

Their “Spatial Operating Environment” named CEO Vision has been designed to allow a user to interrogate huge datasets in real time through the help of augmented reality and a few extras such as a Microsoft Kinect and SAP HANA, a real-time platform for analytics and applications.

Best AR Marketing Strategy 2012 – App Shaker – National Geographic

The augmented reality campaign for UPC was designed to generate some media coverage, viral content and consumer interaction in order to promote the National Geographic HD channel. Despite using an AR concept already trialled by several big names such as Nokia or Lynx, the campaign proved very successful.

Best AR App 2012 – Aurasma

The augmented reality browser that is trying to play catch-up with its bigger brothers, Layar and Junaio, has been advantaged by a strong marketing push in the last months in an attempt to gain exposure and increase their number of users. Winning an AR award came as recognition of this effort; and it remains to be seen what plans they have to support their ascent in the AR browser market.

Mobile Agency 2012 – Pimento Vision

The mobile marketing agency dedicated to immersive and interactive AR solutions has worked with several big and small clients such as American Express, Sky, Paramount or Tate Britain to bring the digital world to life through augmented reality.

AR Awards Champion 2012 – Aurasma

The overall winner of this year’s UK AR Awards.

2 thoughts on “UK Augmented Reality Awards 2012

  • January 5, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I quite liked appshakers NatGeo stunt. Looking at that, what softwares would have they used to make such interesting bits?

    • January 8, 2013 at 12:49 pm

      Hi Vaddy, the National Geographic stunt was quite something. They’ve used an interactive agency called Appshaker who created everything for them and projected it through their Broadcast AR system. This uses a combination of motion tracking and image recognition (similar to the ones used in Xbox Kinect) and then it overlays a photo real 3D animation on top that gives the feeling of interaction.


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