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15 thoughts on “Virtual Dressing Rooms: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

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  3. alex says:

    any one know where can get this kind of AR open source code??

    1. Daniel Tamarjan says:

      Hi Alex, unfortunately I don’t know if you can find an AR open source code for virtual dressing rooms per se (especially after Zugara was granted a patent for their virtual fitting room) but there are many open source tool kits/ engines available online. You can just search for “AR open source” and you will see what I mean.

  4. Black Tights says:

    these things are lovely, I used to play with MyVirtualModel and LookLet for hours!

  5. Amit says:

    This is brilliant real minority report stuff. The only stumbling block to the uptake of this in a retail setting is (as is always the case with new technology) not it’s viability but its cost and required alteration to existing mindsets. There’s no technological reason why we shouldn’t be on Mars by now, we just lack the political will and finance. I suspect the early adopters of augmented reality (like many other technologies) will likely be the military. You can never get enough information in order to kill your fellow beings more efficiently!

    1. Augmented Tomorrow says:

      Even if the right mindset and lower costs surely speed up AR development and adoption, the technology available at the moment has not yet reached the potential of being able to provide a fully viable and immersive AR experience. But as you were saying, military has been and maybe it will still be one of the first to come up with new technologies to be used for augmented reality.

  6. Khurram says:

    Folks – take a look at this Kinect based virtual fitting room – Fitnect

    1. Augmented Tomorrow says:

      Just had a look at your Kinect based virtual fitting room. Looks good but I imagine it’s still work in progress. Good luck with it!


    2. Stab says:

      Good proof of concept! Thought, forcing people to print a calibrating page to start using the product will reduce use. This should be developed into the program. For the people talking about not fitting larger people or looking like it is cut and paste: you set the size when it is first setup, even if the sides of the person show, you still get what the item would look like on a person. The fact that it is not Flash and looks like a layer on top of the video is simply because it is!

    3. Harish says:

      We, as Pear Track Systems, did a lot of work on VR for commercial use in virtualising a proposed building development before construction commenced. We were planning to use our battery powered GPS tracking technology to locate your position on the planed building site and then overlay the VR image, so you would actually see the virtual view of the proposed development in augmented reality from the position you were standing. This would enable you to have walked around you new home before construction seeing the view through a window before a brick had been placed. However after spending a lot of time and effort we quickly learned that the construction industry showed some interest but were not prepared to pay the high cost of rendering a high quality virtual environment that would truly reflect what the development would look like once completed. We have shelved the project now that the credit crunch has impacted on the building industry.

      1. Augmented Tomorrow says:

        That’s a wonderful project and I believe it has its own niche market, however it may be ahead of its time. But I honestly think it has a great potential in the next 5-10 years when the costs of AR-related technology will go down. Good luck!

  7. Long Sleeve says:

    I’m not sure from where you’re getting your info, however good topic. I must spend a while finding out much more or figuring out more. Thank you for the fantastic info, I was in search of this information for my mission.

    1. Augmented Tomorrow says:

      Thank you for your comments. Glad I could help. 🙂 All the information is widely available on the web. I am just bringing everything together under a critical view.

  8. Jack says:

    Hey There –

    Thanks for the coverage of our (Zugara) software. Just thought you might be interested in a few links. One is a video of the latest version of our software… the user actually no longer needs a paper marker (also there’s no download or plugin to install.) Also, we’re seeing some great data from our live executions, and the slideshare link below contains a deck detailing some of that data.

    Thanks again,

    VP Product & Technology, Zugara

    1. Daniel says:

      Hi Jack,

      Thank you for your comment and for the links. I know that your newer versions of Webcam Social Shopper no longer need a marker (as mentioned in the post). The slideshow link has some very good data which I might use in my future posts if you don’t mind, with reference to Zugara of course. 🙂 Thank you once again and hope you’ll come back to check some of my next posts.

      Daniel (Augmented Tomorrow)

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