Windy Day from Motorola to take the AR app market by storm?!

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Motorola Windy DayAfter reaching more than 1 million downloads despite being a closed beta version, Ingress will no longer be the only augmented reality game developed by a Google-owned company.  Motorola has recently released a teaser video of a new augmented reality application called “Windy Day” which has a launch date announced for the 29th October.

This augmented reality game seems to be based on an AR project presented earlier this year (during a Qualcomm Uplinq conference) which was exploring the depths of interactive storytelling with a mobile device.

This AR concept gives you, the user, a key to a portal to another world. Your phone’s camera is the window to a world where you could follow the story unfolding in front of your eyes or you could wander and let the story happen around you.

This unboxing video from shows a few more details.

The Windy Day app looks more than just another augmented reality app, attracting the involvement of Pixar with some of their animation rendering technologies that allow a real-time and smooth video rendering with almost no stutter. These have been seamlessly integrated within the AR app which rests on a Moto X smartphone, demonstrating the power of the new Qualcomm’s Adreno 320 chip.

Unfortunately there are no other details regarding how this augmented reality project was created and what uses it will have but we are expecting to find out more on the launch date. We would also be curious to find out if this application will only be available to Moto X users (as stated at the end of the video) or if it will be accessible to other Android devices and mobile platforms (in the near future).

What would you like for this AR app to bring into the mobile augmented reality world? Do you think that a smartphone/ tablet AR app is the way forward or do you think that other technologies such as wearable devices (i.e. Google Glass) will be the winners in the AR mobile market?  

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